Thursday, 2 May 2013


Hello, it's Math here, I'm reminding myself that I play the drums in a band called Dodgy and tomorrow night we take a step to the left, from promoting our latest album Stand Upright In A Cool Place, because (coughs) Dodgy are playing @RoyalAlbertHall
- yes, that's The Royal Albert Hall in London.
Though one day we would be happy to accept an invite from Roger*, Noel** or Russell*** to play a @TeenageCancer Trust event there, or headline ourselves if the demand arises - our appearance tomorrow has come through a rather different route but this doesn't make the anticipation any less exciting.

The life of a professional musician today requires quite a bit of manoeuvring and multi-tasking but I feel luckier than some as I am occasionally gainfully employed by Dorset Music Services, travelling around the countryside a couple of days a week, delivering drum lessons to kids in tiny villages and remote schools. It's a bit like All Creatures Great and Small, but with drums. And without the need for me to put my hand up a cow's bottom.
Every year Dorset Music Services try to put on a big show where the kids can perform for their families, something to aim towards, only this year the 'big' show is at the Royal Albert Hall, it really doesn't get much bigger or more prestigious. When we first heard about it we, like perhaps a few of you thought 
"crikey, that's a bit ambitious"
knowing a little bit about how putting on these events work, but all credit to the small yet incredibly hard working team at DMS who have made their aspiration a reality.

When it was mentioned that there would be a choir of 1,200 kids and full orchestra, at THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL, Dodgy selflessly and magnanimously offered our services for a couple of numbers. Yes, it's all GIVE with us, just thinking of the kids.
"What a great idea" was their response "the only problem is, that the night is called Dorset's Movie Mash Up music from the movies and you would have to do two film related songs."
"No problem; our song 'Good Enough' by Dodgy is in the @GwynethPaltrow movie Sliding Doors" we reminded ourselves and even vaguely remember attending the premiere
".. and well, we can do 'Live Or Let Die' or something".
OK, sometimes in these situations it might be better to think before opening our mouths, as DMS gave a resounding "YES, that would be magnificent" at the same time we are thinking "but we've never played Live And Let Die" and here's us casually saying we'll play it with a choir of 1,200 in front of a packed Royal Albert Hall, as if we were making a cheese sandwich!

Well, roll on a few months and here we are , on the eve of the big day. We've rehearsed Live and Let Die (our respect for @PaulMcCartney goes even higher - we did get a nice reply from him once when we asked him to pop down and join us onstage for one of our higher billings at Glastonbury Festival ) and the orchestra and choir has rehearsed, check out the video evidence on the link below...... it's bringing an emotional tear to our eye before we've even got there

We have to acknowledge how impressed we are with the talent on display with these musicians and singers, as people in a band who are pretty much self taught, it makes us wish that we might have had a career in music. Oh hang on...
Next week Dodgy begin our own headlining Back To Back Tour where we will be playing two of our albums (most recent and debut) live in their entirety (check for details) - a challenging task in it's own right but in the meantime .... OK it's not entirely under our own steam/backdrop but let's say it again

* Roger Daltry
** Noel Gallagher
*** Russell Brand

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