Friday, 17 May 2013

DODGY from Cannock to Dodgy Day in Greenock (remembering '96)

Oh Cannock, Cannock... Cannock (did we slur that last one, sorry). Yes, Cannock on a Friday night and Dodgy rolled into town last Friday with the Back To Back Tour, playing two albums in their entirety; our latest STand Upright In A Cool Place and the debut The Dodgy Album which we delivered to the world 20 years ago - hard to believe eh?

Each new tour is a journey .. of course it is, a silly thing to say, it IS literally a journey but it's also ... a journey, especially when you take on a particular challenge which we have set ourselves on this particular excursion.
Each new gig you learn something new about the songs and yourselves and in Cannock we discovered that even at this point in the proceedings it is sometimes difficult to tame one's exuberance. A big thank you to the promoters for looking after us, this was one of their first gigs and well handled and we wish them all the best with future events.

This coming weekend 17-19th May DODGY say loudly "HELLO SCOTLAND"
Three gigs over three nights Friday (May 17th) in GLASGOW @O2ABC , Saturday (May 18th) (designated Dodgy Day) in GREENOCK @worduptxt and then on Sunday (May 19th) in Edinburgh @voodoorooms
Normally when approaching Scotland we might make sure that we play either Glasgow or Edinburgh and then if it's Glasgow everyone in Edinburgh says "Why didn't you come to Edinburgh?" and if it's Edinburgh the opposite happens - so for the BAck To BAck tour we have thrown caution to the wind and are doing both. Sandwiched between, on Saturday we return to one of our favourite towns on these isles Greenock where we have great memories of bringing our Big Top Tour to Battery Park.

Our Big Top Trip was one of the first of it's kind at the time - previously Ronnie Lane from The Faces had tried touring in a circus tent but it was considered a folly and our promoter was very sceptical but as was typical with Dodgy we wouldn't be told and once we pulled it bands like Radiohead and Primal Scream followed suit.
Each Big Top gig was special in it's own way and we have great memories of each one but there was something that carved Greenock with some special memories. It seems that the same goes for the people of Greenock, so much so that our return on Saturday has been designated Dodgy Day - honoured we are. We are also extremely pleased that we will be catching up with our old friend McD - he was responsible for bringing our original Big Top to Greenock and now the return and has had some enormous recent challenges but he will be there, which brings big smiles and MDV to all of us.
COME ON SCOTLAND - LET'S AV IT! - Who's coming to all three?

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