Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Dodgy are setting out on a UK tour

DODGY played in Windsor on Friday and was probably the best warm-up show we have ever done. We were at the Firestation Theatre and part of the Windsor Festival. It was advertised as an acoustic evening with an 'electric encore'. Thankfully we managed to get out of that. I think that little arrangement came about once when an old agent was trying to sell an acoustic gig to a stubborn promoter and 'an electric encore' was dangled and taken without much consultation with the band. Whenever we've had to put down the acoustics and crank up the amps in the encore it's never worked - it's like having a fight and a curry after a night of warm cuddles by the fire.
We sold it out, which is always such a relief, apparently "Glen Tilbrook never managed that", according to some fan afterwards, "Yeah, but I'm sure Squeeze would sell out the enormadome down the road" I reasoned.
We are about to go on a series of dates where we will be playing our new album in it's entirety, so this was the first time that we played a load of new tracks. They seemed to go down well, which was a bit of a relief, one of the candidates for a potential new single is 'What Became Of You' where Andy gets possessed by the spirit of Carlos Santana and my favourite of the evening was 'Did It Have To Be This Way' - it was a real pin drop moment and we left there with our tails wagging and our confidence really high.

Today, Wednesday (28th September) we travel up to Glasgow for a show at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, the first of two shows we are doing where entry will be free (you might still be able to sign up for tickets via the* or Dodgy@Facebook web pages. As things change in this business we call show it seems that you have to give something away for free (read Chris Anderson's book 'Free'), so we thought what better than offering two free live shows to get things under way. We'll let you know what what we think and the feedback we get. After Glasgow, our feet won't touch the ground until Sunday, after we've played a warm up in Burnley at The Mechanics on Thursday (29th September) where we meet up with our tour manager Jack and the newest addition to our touring party, Stu The Fugitive, the second of the free gigs, in Manchester at (newly resurected?) Band On The Wall on Friday (30th September) and then York at The Duchess on Saturday (1st Oct). I will explain who jack is and why we call Stu a fugitive in later posts, it will give me something to do. Until then xx

PS * In an ideal world we would have taken the name 'Dodgyology' for this blog but unfortunately that has already been taken by this was a blog started in 2004 made 2 posts and then gave up - apparently that's enough to have your blog carved here on the internet forever.. shame... hopefully we'll manage more than 2 posts ;-)

Here we @ the Dodgy blog - Introduction

Do a blog they said - keeping people up to speed from inside the Dodgy camp.
You/we arrive here. The original line-up of the UK band Dodgy (Nigel, Andy, Mathew) have recorded our first new songs for blah blah years.
The resulting new album is called 'Stand Upright In A Cool Place', we're really excited about it and the way it's all sounding, and hope that the people that get to listen to it think so too.
Please feel free to comment on the blog and that will help us with what to and what not to post
So the blog starts here, let's see how it goes shall we.....