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Only A Heartbeat - new single from Dodgy and short film

DODGY – ONLY A HEARTBEAT (released June 11)

 “A second chance will never come
   Keeping on ‘til you’re done
   Don’t waste a moment of a single day...”

When it came to helping put together some words for the release of our new single - something they refer to in the industry as a Press Release (you see, we can impart some of our superior knowledge and experience and be educational here as well) we were struggling ourselves and are indebted to the journalist Terry Staunton for taking on the task and summing it up with the following, on the button, words:
The sentiments of Only A Heartbeat, the new single from Dodgy, strike a universal chord. It’s a powerfully emotional song about loss and, perhaps more importantly, healing, speaking directly to a hurt all of us have faced, or will face at some point in our lives.

Oftentimes, a blow can throw us off balance, leaving us grasping for the words to try and make sense of what’s happened. Articulacy evades us, as we struggle to process our thoughts and find a way to move forward, and Dodgy’s Nigel Clark was no different – until music guided him towards, if not total understanding, at least a kind of acceptance, a glimmer of light in the darkness.

   “In June 2008 my older brother died, totally out of the blue,” he says.
   “I felt really lost; if I was a turtle, it felt like I’d lost my shell, I’d lost my shelter.
     But I got to thinking about when my heart stops, I’ll be with him again."

   “I was walking round my studio, which I do quite a lot, just pacing, and the words kept
    coming into  my head:
   ‘Feeling, knowing, you’re only a heartbeat away.’
    It was very simple, but very cathartic.”

Already a firm favourite in the group’s live set, Dodgy have heard stories from fans of how Only A Heartbeat has helped them deal with losses of their own, the song’s reassuring lyrics and tender melody offering genuine comfort.

In common with many tracks on the critically acclaimed album Stand Upright In A Cool Place, it addresses big themes with maturity and intelligence, clear hallmarks of the older, wiser 21st century Dodgy. It’s been 16 years since the release of their previous album, back in the heady ‘90s when the band delivered a seemingly endless procession of memorable tunes we took to our hearts (Good Enough, Staying Out For The Summer, So Let Me Go Far, If You’re Thinking Of Me, Found You, Melodies Haunt You, the list goes on...).

After such a long lay-off, there was bound to be questions as to whether Dodgy could recapture the magic of old, whether the muse was still there, whether they still had the instinctive knack of crafting joyously persuasive music that made us want to dance, sing, everything. The answer to all those questions is a resounding yes.

They’re still deftly fashioning the pop thrills of yore, but the bulging scrapbook of enthusiastic thumbs-up reviews for Stand Upright... are a testament to the fact that the new songs of greater depth and substance, of richer meaning, have been embraced by all who hear them, and that Dodgy have returned to the spotlight just when we needed them the most.   

In that respect, the opening line of Only A Heartbeat isn’t entirely accurate. A second chance has come for Dodgy, and they’re determined not to waste a single note of it.

There, we couldn't have said it better ourselves Terry. Well, we couldn't....

The exciting, young film-maker, Kris Thompson was first brought to our attention when he took some amazing footage of the riots in Ealing (just put Ealing into You Tube, it's the first video). We decided to ask him to produce the series of short films we made about the songs on the new album.
Here's one of the interviews; for the track 'Raggedstone Hill'

At one of our live shows with Dodgy, Kris was moved by the fact that people were coming up to Nigel afterwards, asking for the lyrics to Only A Heartbeat to help them over recent loss - so much so that he wanted to make a short film to accompany the song.
Interpret the song how he sees it, as all good film makers should

The resulting film is quite remarkable. We knew he was good, but not this good.

The film was having a dramatic effect on the few people we showed it to, and we realised that it was a different creature altogether to a pop video, so that's when we started talking to homeless charity Crisis. they saw the potential and were very keen to come on board and use the message of the film to draw attention to the vital work they do and especially their No One Turned Away campaign.

Chief Executive of Crisis, Leslie Morphy, said: “Sadly, what happens in the video is all too true for an increasing number of people as rough sleeping is on the rise. We would like to thank the members of Dodgy for supporting our No One Turned Away campaign calling for a real safety net so that no one needs to face the horror of sleeping rough.”

Dodgy have worked with Crisis before so when Kris Thompson pitched this story, we felt it would work for Only A Heartbeat. Homelessness is the most visible sign that some of the most vulnerable in our society are being let down. And there seems a tendency at the moment to vilify these people, "they’ve failed, they’ve done it to themselves" – therefore it’s okay for us to ignore them or even worse despise them and hurt them.  These individuals aren’t different from us, they are us - except something’s happened, there’s been a crisis – in the case of the man in the film, a bereavement. It’s estimated at least 70% of homeless people have mental health problems, they need care and they need respect. Mainly due to the economic downturn, rough sleeping rose by 23% last year. Society is about protecting everyone within and this includes the most vulnerable. Homeless charities like Crisis and St Mungos are seeing a rise in the number of people on the streets… and that’s just not acceptable in the 21st Century"

This being the week of the Cannes film festival we saw no reason why they should have all the red carpets so we are going to have our own ONLINE PREMIERE of the Kris Thompson film to accompany 'Only A Heatbeat' this THURSDAY evening MAY 24th at 9pm, followed by a short Q&A on Twitter and the Dodgy Facebook page with the film-maker and some members of the band. Please comment on Twitter using #OnlyAHeartbeat

 www.dodgyology.com/        www.onlyaheartbeat.com      www.facebook.com/dodgyuk

CHECK OUT this trailer for the Kris Thompson film

Crisis is the national charity for single homeless people dedicated to ending homelessness by delivering life-changing services and campaigning for change. The charity’s award winning education, training and employment centres offer practical and creative workshops to over 3,000 homeless people a year in an inspiring environment together with formal learning opportunities that lead to qualifications and finding work. Sign up to be a Crisis campaigner and join the fight to end homelessness http://bit.ly/LlHD02?

Finally, if you would be happy to use social media to support Crisis, it would be great if you could tweet about the No One Turned Away campaign or post something on Facebook. Feel free to write your own, but an example tweet about the campaign would be: ‘Urgent: Write to the Housing Minister to tell him no one should be forced to sleep rough #nooneturnedaway @crisis_uk http://bit.ly/JwhLen

To contact Crisis www.crisis.org.uk/

To contact Dodgy email us @ info(at)dodgyology.com

Dodgy will be playing live this Friday May 25th at the Corn Exchange in Hertford. Come along.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Dodgy on the TV and radio, apology for gig cancellations 'Only A Heartbeat' film and Stone Roses Heaton Park tickets

FIRST OFF: Dodgy would like to apologise again for having to cancel our shows in Inverness and The Shetlands that were meant to be happening next weekend.
Dodgy hate to cancel shows, it's not something we've ever liked doing but a great friend of the band was taken away from us by cancer at a young age and his funeral is next Friday. We are in the process of re-arranging these shows and hope to be up in Shetland soon as it is an ambition of ours to play there - we've heard some great stories.

It's been a couple of months now since the new album by Dodgy 'Stand Upright In A Cool Place' was released and we continue to get plenty of messages from folk with plenty of compliments and saying how much the new album means to them, which in turn, means a lot to us. Obviously this is the kind of feedback you might hope to get after working on an album but one of the big plusses this time is that a lot of people are saying that this is the first Dodgy record they have bought
- where have they been? Nevermind, better late than never.
There, did you spot the joke? beware there may be a few more of them, you may not realise it's a joke when you read it as you probably won't laugh but that's the point, they're sort of stealth jokes.

Last Tuesday we took to the stage at The Lexington in London for the 'A Word In Your Ear' event hosted by The Word magazine, it was our first full electric band gig for a few months, in fact since Worthing in March, The Word has been really supportive of the new album and it was a privilege to be asked to headline their night this month. They were very hospitable and brought out the best in us, Boo Hewerdine & Brooks Williams were also part of the night, playing tracks from their transatlantic collaboration 'State Of The Union' - well worth checking out. There's a great review of the evening here: www.wordmagazine.co.uk
And some pics (thanks Twitterers)

and the beautiful crowd ;-)

Our day in the big smoke of London was packed with activity and stuff to do, no hanging about in the dressing room for Dodgy these days. Before we went onstage we bundled ourselves on the tube to get to Leicester Square for an interview with @gordonsmart for XFM radio. Gordon is also the editor for the Bizzarre column in The Sun newspaper and I hate to say it, but Gordon is actually a decent and upstanding chap. I know it's a bit like finding out that Tom and Jerry actually got on and it was all an act. He tells a good story as well, so I traded my Una Stubbs and Julie Goodyear stories for some hair-whitening stories about Paul Daniels and Jimmy Tarbuck and a story about Mike Tyson that will keep you awake at night. Just find me at the next gig and buy me a drink, I'm the drummer ;-)
DODGY will be part of Smart On Sunday on XFM this Sunday 6th May 12-3pm

Dodgy's time in London is a bit like a buffalo to the Native Americans - every bit of it gets used. So as soon as we'd played the last note of our set at The Lexington and said our thank yous, we were in a convoy of cars heading to the canal round the back of Kings Cross to shoot the last frames for the incredible short film that has been made for the next single from Dodgy, a revamped version of the track 'Only A Heartbeat' from the new album. The film maker, Kris Thompson, was first brought to our attention as he was the guy behind this amazing film from the riots in Ealing last Summer. Instead of using his camera phone like most people, Kris took to the streets with his HD digital camera

Kris is editing his film for 'Only A Heartbeat' in super quick time (sorry that sounds like an App!) but we hope to have a trailer available next Tuesday (May 8th) to coincide with Dodgy appearing on BBC Breakfast. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention, Dodgy have been asked to appear on BBC BREAKFAST!!! next Tuesday with Susanna and the lesser spotted Turnbill. Yes, finally the mainstream media are getting on board - where have they been? Nevermind, better late than never. There's one of them jokes I warned you about.

So besides the unfortunate cancellation of the gigs mentioned earlier, our other gigs over this next week are definitely STILL HAPPENING.
We have to give a special mention for DUMBFEST this Saturday (5th May) which takes place in Bordon in Hampshire, we are doing an acoustic set and it is an event set up in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust so well worth supporting.
Then it's off to the Lake District for a gig in Kendal at Bootleggers on Bank Holiday Monday(May 7th), sounds good to us. The next one is up to Scotland next Wednesday 9th May at Electric Circus in Edinburgh, if you live in Scotland and can get to that one will be great to see you there - for details and other gigs visit www.dodgyology.com.

And finally, due to a previous blog you are probably aware that I spent an hour on the phone securing tickets for the Sunday night performance of the Stone Roses at Heaving Park on July 1st. Which pleased me greatly at the time and caused much gloating. WELL, it looks like Dodgy have been offered a slot at The Eden Sessions in Cornwall that day and as much as I love the Stone Roses, I don't love them as much as Dodgy so I am auctioning my tickets. Contact me at info@dodgyology.com (subject- Stone Roses) with a sealed bid for 2 tickets and the proceeds will go to King Monkey World in Dorset. Or something. We will let you know who won in a couple of weeks.

Be in touch very soon, unless you want to get in touch before then.

Take good care now

Worried about your child? Worry no more.... Dodgy kids

DODGY don't often venture into the controversial world of child rearing but we have recently been sent irrefutable proof that feeding your child undiluted Dodgy when they are a baby not only calms them down and stops them crying but actually helps to turn them into creative young bucks.
See the evidence for yourself.

Here is a video of young Nathan 14 years ago, creating merry hell for his parents, but just watch and hear what the somnolent tones of Nigel's voice do to this little shouter

And look at him now. A strapping mini John Lennon of a lad, brimming with opportunity and outrageous talent.

Yes, they are the very same boy, all because of D O D G Y ... Dodgy

DODGY are available in CD and download but by request in liquid in bottles, paste in tubes and occasionally in blotters from all good retailers.

Brought to you by the NHS