Saturday, 18 May 2013


Last night we hit Glasgow on the Back To Back Tour where DODGY are playing our latest album, Stand Upright In A Cool Place and The Dodgy Album our debut in full.. and yes, Glasgow turned out to be a stupidly ace gig and a very appreciative crowd you were too. There was actually a grown man shedding tears at the front but maybe that was because his wife had left him, we're not sure. It sounded great to us at the time so are looking forward to hearing the recording.

Got to give a shout out to Ripley (@ripleymusic) our opening act last night, they set things up nicely for a great evening.
Generally, we would avoid playing the O2 venues unless there is no alternative - charging £4.50 (FOUR POUNDS LONDON PRICES FIFTY!) a pint isn't our idea of enhancing a good night out and last night the venue management excelled themselves by warning us that if we played beyond their strict NINE THIRTY curfew they would ... fine us - now we know exactly how Bruce must have felt at Hyde Park last year. Playing two albums, in full, before half past nine - referee!
As a result we had to pull a couple of songs from the set - we had no qualms about sending 'As My Time Goes By' to the naughty step as readers of previous posts will appreciate but 'Never Again' had to take one for the team as well - ouch O2, these are our children and it hurts us to leave them behind.
Thanks to those in attendance though, who didn't seem too bothered and in fact a few of you said that you would come to Greenock tonight to hear the full set - that's the spirit.
There were plenty of requests for what we played in the encore last night covering a surprising range from our back catalogue - 'Summer Fayre' and 'Every Single Day' anyone, in fact we did manage a couple of bars of that one and for the first time on this tour we trotted out 'In A Room' and from where we were it sounded immense.

TONIGHT (Saturday 17th May) WORD UP (@worduptxt) GREENOCK
Today, in the lead up to tonight's gig, has been designated DODGY DAY in Greenock, a special place for us, it's not too late, pack your bag and Be there - Back To Back just gets Better and Better

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  1. Can't wait for the Dodgy return to Greenock tonight!!