Friday, 4 November 2011

Dodgy Dara O'Briain , James Levy And The Blood Red Rose in London

This post is a postcript to the previous one:  'Dodgy Ryan Giggs, (not so) Secret London gig, Kingston and We Need To Talk About Winchester' which hopefully you've had time to read.

On route to the Dodgy gig in Newark, a night was spent out in London. Couldn't turn down the invitation from Heavenly Records to see their brand new signing James Levy And The Blood Red Rose at The Social, performing as a duo involving  the dark one (Alison)  from The Pierces - you should deffo check out 'Sneak Into My Room' - lush. Then popped in to a friend from the BBC's leaving party and hassled Dara O'Briain. Do I look like I'm bothering him? Mentioning the fact that Dodgy will be back down and performing live in London next Tuesday (Nov 8th) to whoever would listen.


  1. Is Dara O'B very tall, or is Mathew kneeling?

  2. yes, he's very tall. I only had to kneel in front of him to get some free tickets to his show...