Friday, 4 May 2012

Worried about your child? Worry no more.... Dodgy kids

DODGY don't often venture into the controversial world of child rearing but we have recently been sent irrefutable proof that feeding your child undiluted Dodgy when they are a baby not only calms them down and stops them crying but actually helps to turn them into creative young bucks.
See the evidence for yourself.

Here is a video of young Nathan 14 years ago, creating merry hell for his parents, but just watch and hear what the somnolent tones of Nigel's voice do to this little shouter

And look at him now. A strapping mini John Lennon of a lad, brimming with opportunity and outrageous talent.

Yes, they are the very same boy, all because of D O D G Y ... Dodgy

DODGY are available in CD and download but by request in liquid in bottles, paste in tubes and occasionally in blotters from all good retailers.

Brought to you by the NHS

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