Saturday, 1 October 2011

Dodgy keep it in the family and what does 'Free' mean to you

The responsibility of music vibes in the bus on the tour so far has been left to 'Handsome Chris', Nigel's nephew who's helping out with selling the merch, so we've had a mixture of Jurassic 5, the Sex Pistols and Jimi Hendrix - it's like 1993 all over again. Chris was 8 then, bless him. In fact there's quite a nepotistic thing going on as our tour manager is Jack, who is the son of our original tour manager, Danny. Also my nan is the drum roadie. Not really. We had to sack her for having it too large. Not really.

  • we're still interested in the idea of 'free' but noticed that when you offer a gig ticket for free, there's always a 40% drop out rate. Does this mean that by offering the tickets for free for some people this devalues what is being offered? Let's mull that one over...
  • Dodgy are liked by boys and girls in equal measure
  • The new songs are "better than the old ones" and "much better than I ever expected"
  • It's not a joke, the folk from Blackburn and Burnley REALLY don't like each other. We're thinking of doing a Bob Marley style peace concert.
  • Manchester really is one of the most vibrant cities in the UK
  • Girl's, especially drunken ones, have a much more colourful palette of swear words then their male counterparts. Quite wonderful.
GLASGOW was a vibey, sweaty little acoustic gig in the bar of King Tuts at an alarmingly early 7.15pm, we managed to play 5 new ones. Burnley the next night was the first gig where we played all the new tunes and the first one with Stu The Fugitive on bass, and the boy played a blinder. Luckily we beat the music transfer deadline and got him on a one season loan from a great band called Smoke Feathers (our 50 quid bid to bring in Richard Hawley on a permanent, as second guitarist was ignored).
After a year of playing gigs as just a 3 piece, like we used to do back in 1992, we decided to get another musician on board for this tour because Nigel plays so much integral acoustic guitar on this new album that there is no way we could have done it justice live with just the three of us. We'll keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get a silly as it did at Glastonbury 1997 where we counted a total of THIRTEEN musicians on stage, and that's NOT counting Ray Davies who came on stage with us to sing a version of his Kinks song 'Tired of Waiting For You'.
And on to MANCHESTER last night and the royal gala performance of the upcoming all new Dodgy album Stand Upright In A Cool Place in it's entirety and we couldn't have been more happier with how it went. The crowd were perfect. Supportive; in to it; LOUD and happy. Probably one of my favourite gigs OF ALL TIME.
Against much drunken abuse and opposition from my good friends who had made the effort to come to see us, I managed to slip back to the hotel relatively clear headed. I know it sounds dangerously responsible of me, but I wanted to keep it together for the fair folk of York tonight. The same can't be said for Handsome and The Fugitive - Manchester was theirs for the taking and I believe they took it.
Till next time x


  1. Loved the gig at The Four Crosses in Shrewsbury on Saturday. To my mind, any gig where the band tells you to hurry up back into the room for the second half as they breeze past you and through some french doors forming a makeshift stage entrance, has to be good.

  2. We had a choice of coming to see you for free in Manchester, or paying to see you in York, and we chose York! That's true support for you!
    It was a top night, and the only downside is we have to wait until January for the album! We've decided to ease the pain by coming to Warrington as well though, can't wait for that.
    Not sure about the 40% drop out rate....maybe people reserve places on the off chance that they won't be doing something else?

  3. Yes that 40-50% drop off rate is universal across the industry apparently. Unless you value something, don't expect others to - a tenet for life perhaps xx